Powerglide Classic Quarter Pool Cue
Powerglide Classic Quarter Pool Cue (butt)

PowerGlide Classic Quarter American Pool Cue

This product is not currently available.

* Four Piece Cue
* Black Painted Butt
* Black and Red Linen Wrap.
* 13mm Tip
* Length 57"

Four-piece design allows different lengths of cue to be achieved by using different combinations of the 4 parts -- ideal if you're looking for a cue that can be used at different lengths.

The butt parts measure 15", 6" and 5" so in combination with the shaft (31") the cue can be used at 46", 52" and 57" lengths, perfect for the growing junior.

Currently unavailable. Discontinued.

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Cue Sleeve for centre-jointed cues


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